Three dimensional grade control in road construction

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Three dimensional grade control in road construction

Please feel free to link to this site! It removes the heat from the freon gas and "turns" the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. Aerator- The round screened screw-on tip of a sink spout.

The modern road

It mixes water and air for a smooth flow. Aggregate- A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete. Air space - The area between insulation facing and interior of exterior wall coverings.

Normally a 1" air gap. Allowance s - A sum of money set aside in the construction contract for items which have not been selected and specified in the construction contract. For example, selection of tile as a flooring may require an allowance for an underlayment material, or an electrical allowance which sets aside an amount of money to be spent on electrical fixtures.

Amortization - A payment plan by which a loan is reduced through monthly payments of principal and interest. Anchor bolts- Bolts to secure a wooden sill plate to concreteor masonry floor or wall. Annual Percentage Rate APR - Annual cost of credit over the life of a loan, including interest, service charges, points, loan fees, mortgage insurance, and other items.

Three dimensional grade control in road construction

Appraisal An expert valuation of property. Apron- A trim board that is installed beneath a window sill Architect - One who has completed a course of study in building and design, and is licensed by the state as an architect. One who draws up plans.

Area wells- Corrugated metal or concrete barrier walls installed around a basement window to hold back the earth Assessment - A tax levied on a property, or a value placed on the worth of a property.

Assumption - Allows a buyer to assume responsibility for an existing loan instead of getting a new loan.

Three dimensional grade control in road construction

Astragal- A molding, attached to one of a pair of swinging double doors, against which the other door strikes. Attic access- An opening that is placed in the drywalled ceiling of a home providing access to the attic.

Attic Ventilators- In houses, screened openings provided to ventilate an attic space. Owners bill back charges to general contractors, and general contractors bill back charges to subcontractors. Examples of back charges include charges for cleanup work or to repair something damaged by another subcontractor, such as a tub chip or broken window.

Backing- Frame lumber installed between the wall studs to give additional support for drywall or an interior trim related item, such as handrail brackets, cabinets, and towel bars.

After a route has been selected, a three-dimensional road alignment and its associated cross-sectional profiles are produced. In order to reduce the amount of earth to be moved, the alignment is adjusted where practical so that the earth to be excavated is in balance with the embankments to be built. Stringing Tools for Transmission Construction. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Stringing Tools for Transmission range includes Compression Die Set, Industrial Compression Die Sets, Compression Die Sets, Conductor Drum Carrier, Cable Conductor Drum Carriers, Drum Lifting Jack, Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailer and Spacer Trolley. Control Panel Accessories. We are one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Control Panel Accessories such as Cable Marker Ferrules, Spiral Wrapping Band, PVC Sleeve & Marker Sleeve, Binding Roll & Button, Pvc Rubber grommet, P Clips Adj. and Non Adj. and many more items from India.

In this way, items are screwed and mounted into solid wood rather than weak drywall that may allow the item to break loose from the wall. Carpet backing holds the pile fabric in place.

Backout- Work the framing contractor does after the mechanical subcontractors Heating-Plumbing-Electrical finish their phase of work at the Rough before insulation stage to get the home ready for a municipal frame inspection.

Generally, the framing contractor repairs anything disturbed by others and completes all framing necessary to pass a Rough Frame Inspection. Ballast- A transformer that steps up the voltage in a florescent lamp.

Heavy Drum Rotator

Balloon - A loan that has a series of monthly payments with the remaining balance due in a large lump sum payment at the end.

Balloon framed wall- Framed walls generally over 10' tall that run the entire vertical length from the floor sill plate to the roof. This is done to eliminate the need for a gable end truss.

Balusters- Vertical members in a railing used between a top rail and bottom rail or the stair treads.Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other ashio-midori.coms can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea..

Since Dmitri Ivanovsky's article describing a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants, and the discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in All of our street signs come in one of three varieties: Engineer grade, Hi-Intensity prismatic grade, or Diamond grade reflective sheeting.

But what exactly are the differences between these? Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting typically meets ASTM D Type 1 standards and is . we build three-dimensional machine control construction surface models Family Owned & US Army Veteran Run Limited Liability Company "We take pride in the accuracy of our GPS Machine Grade Control Surface Models".

Three-dimensional engineered models for construction Data exported from the 3D models can be transferred to a global positioning system (GPS) machine control that guides and directs construction equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and paving machines.

stringing lines, drawing fill lines, and setting grade stakes. Additionally, the. A URS Corporation, established in , is a publicly owned professional service organization with over 25, employees worldwide. URS is ranked by ENR as the #1 A/E design-build for the past three years.

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