The main features of the learning organization

What does it mean to have a shared vision? A shared vision begins with the individual, and an individual vision is something that one person holds as a truth. Throughout history there are many examples of people who have had a strong vision, some of these people are remembered even today.

The main features of the learning organization

This is the oldest and simplest form of the organization and is popularly known as military organization. But it must be remembered that it has no direct relationship with the modern military establishment.

Learning Organization

Line Organization — Characteristics, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages Under this type of organization, each department control is vested with one individual who is known as Departmental Head. All the departmental heads are responsible to their immediate superior i.

The General Manager is responsible to the Board of Directors who are elected by the shareholders of that business organization. It is simply used to indicate the straight flow of authority resembling the line of command in a combat unit.

Characteristics of Line Organization Characteristics of line organization are listed below. Line organization has direct vertical relationship.

The departmental head has full authority to manage and control of that department.

C-Level Engagement

The operation of line organization is very simple. The direct relationship is prevailing between the sub-ordinate and immediate superior. Types of Line Organization Line organization can be further classified into two kinds: Departmental line organization, and The chart given can illustrate the Departmental line organization.

Departmental line organization chart. A foreman heads each department. Authority and instructions pass on from the General Manager to the Plant Superintendent and from the Plant Superintendent to the Foreman and from the Foreman to the workers.

Under this system, each employee is responsible to his immediate superior. Pure Line Organization This type of organization is highly suitable to the small size business organization.

All the employees are performing the same type of work at one level. A group of employees is controlled by one individual.


Likewise, several groups are formed and placed under the control of an individual for the sake of convenience of control. Departmental Line Organization Under this type of line organization, the whole business organization is divided into several departments and each department is under the control of one individual who is known as Departmental Manager.

The departmental manager is responsible or answerable to his immediate superior i.Organizational Structure: An Overview» Main Section.

The main features of the learning organization

Chapter 9 Organizational structure is something that is best decided upon internally, through a process of critical thinking and discussion by members of the group. Is your organization more centralized (e.g., through the work of a specific agency) or decentralized (e.g., .

Organizational learning (OL) is more than individual learning and arises through the interaction of individuals in groups and teams of different sizes.

What is characteristic of OL is that it is an emergent process in the sense that its outcome is. Ferndale Public School district serves Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, Oak Park, and Royal Oak Township. Our mission is to provide all students with an exceptional education that prepares them for college, careers and success in a diverse society.

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We offer our students state champion athletics as well as regionally recognized fine arts programs. Organization Development is a “long-term effort at continuous improvement supported at all levels of the organization, using interdisciplinary approaches and modern technologies.” 1 Organization Development is the mother field that encompasses interventions, such as organization learning.

OD is about people and how they work . A learning organization is an organization that encourages and facilitates learning in order to continually transform itself to survive and excel in a rapidly changing business environment.

Learning Management Systems. A learning management system, or LMS is used any time eLearning takes place.

The main features of the learning organization

Learning management systems are being used across many different industries to improve organizational efficiency.

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