Recursos de la firma

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Recursos de la firma

In fact they are the CDs that are on air on La Hora Del Blues each month and they can also be found on the "playlist". These reviews are renewed monthly and stay three months on line. You will find here a "guideline" that summarizes the most outstanding features of each CD.

This will allow people around the world to receive some knowledgeable information before buying new releases. All previous reviews written since year more than 5. We hope that everyone can enjoy this wonderful music that is the gift the Afroamerican people have given to the human race, and especially to all of us that by and through the blues see a way to express our feelings.

If musicians, bands, labels, record companies, distributors, fans and blues lovers all over the world can enjoy and be helped in any way by these pages, my dream will have been realized.

Un disco especialmente recomendable para todos aquellos amantes del jazz y del groove, tanto vocal como instrumental.

Bruce Katz is a magnificent piano and keyboard player who feels comfortable in a variety of styles thanks to his wide sound registers. His mastery elegant knowledge of keyboards always full of swing and groove becomes evident in this new recording that will surely attract many listeners, as Bruce Katz manages to drive us along the most devilish and genuine soul-jazz-blues you could imagine.

Besides Bruce, who is on bass in five songs, as well as delighting us in acoustic piano and Hammond B-3, you will also find Chris Vitarello, a dynamic versatile guitar player and singer, Ray Hangen behind the drums, together with a couple of guest musicians like Matt Raymond on bass and double bass and legendary Allman Brothers drummer Jaimoe in three songs.

This is an album especially recommended for both vocal and instrumental jazz and groove lovers. All this variety of styles gives a fine beauty to his music, creating a particular style with a great power to seduce listeners, as you will immediately realize.

Desde Australia Paul Winn y su banda vuelven con un nuevo proyecto que sigue los pasos de su anterior cd, es decir, incluyendo siete temas originales, grabado en vivo y con el regalo de un dvd adicional para poder disfrutar de su directo fresco, sencillo y alborozado. En las siete canciones que esta vez ponen al descubierto hay un poquito de blues, de jazz y de funk, todo ello de cosecha propia realizado con encanto y bastante personalidad.

From Australia Paul Winn and his band come back with a new project that follows the footsteps of his previous cd, as it includes seven recorded live original songs, with the additional gift of a dvd, good to enjoy their lively, fresh, simple and joyful performing. Once again the group faithfully displays the music they like most, that has been always with them and encourages them to follow on giving happiness and joy to the audiences they play for.

The seven own songs chosen for the cd gather a little bit of blues, jazz and funk, performed with personality and a good dose of charm.

One more time Paul Winn shows he is a versatile able singer and guitar player, with a remarkable twist and a measured taste, that matches with an effective band with Rick Wilson on harmonica, Emile Nelson on bass, Dom Robinson on drums, Gary Honor on sax and Johann Willenberg on keyboards.

All them give the best of themselves both in the cd and the additional dvd, which are perfect to listen to ithe cd while doing daily tasks or looking at the dvd comfortably sitting in your favourite armchair. Wilkes o Al Perkins entre otros.

Undoubtedly the charismatic, passionate but, at the same time, emotional voice of Shemekia Copeland has reached an undeniable quality and maturity. Her broad vocal range allows her to easily move with an amazing strength and conviction, not only in blues but also in other styles like gospel or American roots music.

Since the birth of her son Johnny Lee Copeland inShemekia has also started to be aware about the kind of world we are living on, the future we will leave to our children and what can be done to improve things, so her lyrics have become more deep and thoughtful and even with a philosophical point.

She is one of the Alligator Records artists which now publishes a new Mrs. Wilkes or Al Perkins among others. The song arrangements have been designed with an extreme care so all musicians carry them on with great professionalism and good taste, which gives as a result a magnificent pleasant album, where Shemekia shines at a very high level, communicating a terrific feeling and sensitivity.

Diez poderosos temas llenos de punch y ritmo, en los que la bien timbrada voz y el excelente trabajo a la guitarra de Billy Jones brillan con rutilancia, perfectamente respaldadas por Corey Bray a los teclados, Rev.

En definitiva, un disco soberbio por muchos conceptos. Born in the deep south of United States, where segregation was present in most aspects of daily life, Billy Jones grew up in his grandfather's bar, listening to blues in different juke joints and bars.

King, Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke and other great blues and soul musicians were his influences and, when he was only five years old, he already had a guitar on his hands.

Soon he started to perform for the American troops, which allowed him to travel all over the world and get a wide musical experience. Now he brings us his last and excellent recording, that accurately combines blues, funk and southern soul, always with an excellent taste and class, which makes as a result an actual urban sound, perfect to attract the new generations of black music lovers.

Cootes Paradise is a collective of six musicians coming from Ontario area in Canada who have most things in common. One day band founder Lily Sazz decided to join her talent to other enthusiastic and collaborative musicians to, not only play together but also share their musical ideas and enjoy together the many pleasant experiences music could give them, without letting themselves be carried away by the competitive road of music business.

These six fellows share similar musical tastes, like blues, funk, soul, rhythm and blues and roots music, so the tasteful and expertise mixture of those styles becomes the musical stamp they give to all those minds willing to enjoy and let themselves be carried by their music.

The voices of Sue Leonard and Wayne Krawchuk, both with very different vocal ranges but full of strength and a colourful charisma, are backed by Mark Volkov on flute, sax and violin, Lily Sazz on keyboards and backing vocals, Ian Taylor on bass and backing vocals and Amy Di Nino on drums and backing vocals.

Ten own compositions and two versions complete an album that shows the lyricism, good understanding and commitment each musician gives to a common very interesting and attractive project.El fin, de la firma digital, es el mismo de la firma ológrafa: dar asentimiento y compromiso con el documento firmado; y es por eso que a través de la legislación, se intenta acercarla, exigiéndose ciertos requisitos de validez.

Ley de Firma Electrónica Avanzada. Los documentos electrónicos y los mensajes de datos que cuenten con firma electrónica avanzada producirán los mismos efectos que los presentados con firma autógrafa y, en consecuencia, tendrán el mismo valor probatorio que las disposiciones aplicables les otorgan a éstos.

Aparte de esto, las sinergias entre ambos grupos en términos de cuota de negocio con los clientes, y la racionalización y la puesta en común de los recursos de los proveedores, mejorará la rentabilidad del grupo industrial Minda, .

Recursos de la firma

Antecedentes de la empresa. Diagnostico. Formulación del plan estratégico de recursos humanos. Políticas que sustentan el plan estratégico. El crecimiento de la firma a nivel mundial se ha dado principalmente a través de la asociación con otras firmas del rubro.

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