Pestle raport lloyds banking group

Their headquarters is stationed in London. Politics, Economics, Social, Legal and Environmental.

Pestle raport lloyds banking group

The industry has seen wild swings and earnings through boom and bust years of the economy and has to grapple with internal scandals, and heavy regulations. The late ass and the ass, were boom years for western banks punctuated in part by the stock market crisis ofthe Asian financial crisis ofthe dotcom crisis of and the great financial crisis ofthe last of which has signaled an end Of light regulation in the banking industry.

All three banks have had a high focus on investment banking, trading and corporate banking as in the industry, these are the highest fee based businesses. All three banks are British based banks, and were heavily impacted by the financial crisis which implicated American, British and European banks, of selling dubious mortgage-backed securities to investors with little knowledge of the underlying assets backing the products.

HUSH and Standard Charted escaped most of the financial hardship of the turmoil, because of their predominance of their Asian and emerging market businesses. Currently, the bank operates with about branches across 85 countries with the total employee strength ofpeople.

The bank deals in credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking, consumer banking, private banking, and mortgage and wealth management.

Pestle raport lloyds banking group

Headquartered in London, Standard Charted was founded inand currently operates with about branches across 70 countries with the total employee strength of 87, people. The bank deals in corporate and institutional banking, consumer banking and treasury services.

In addition to their geographic pivot in Asia, both banks have a large presence in other emerging markets as well.

HUSH further has positioned itself as a global leader and expert in all transactions involving rapidly expanding Chinese currency, the Remind. Although, most Asian banks have focused on expanding their Remind business, HUSH has made the currency and its internationalization a key business strategy.

Both HUSH and Standard Charted, have intensive retail presence in Asia and abroad along with large corporate and investment banking arms. Barclay, on the other hand, with its business focus in the west, suffered extreme withdrawal of investor and regulator confidence.

Barclay currently operates with about branches across 50 countries with the total employee strength ofpeople. It deals in wealth and investment management, retail and business banking and corporate banking. It was in the market, for a EYE billion, the British government bailout inbut later was able to raise E.

Billion of new capital from private investors. It also acquired Lehman brothers investment banking and trading operations. It continues to have retail banking, commercial banking and investment Nanking operations.

It also has stakes in South African financial services firm, the Abs group, and has a private and offshore banking arm, in the form of Barclay wealth. It has retail- banking branches in over 50 countries. After the global financial crisis, banking regulation can be considered a major factor impacting bank profitability.

All three banks are subject to international s well as local regulations in all the countries that they operate in. International banking regulations called Basel Ill has imposed greater capital costs on banks especially pertaining to capital deployed in risky security straightening business, to prevent banks from using customer deposits to make risky investment.

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With the advent of Basil Ill and other global regulations which are binding on the EGG countries, the cost of capital has sky rocketed while the supply of liquid and investment grade securities has one down. This means liquidity, credit and operational risk management has become a major once and a defining factor for bank success in the coming few years.

Not only must banks comply with the surge of regulations in every major country they operate in, but they must also manage liquidity and their capital efficiently enough to create a return for their investors. At the same time public perceptions of banks following the crisis, as well as a large number of crisis that almost all banks have been implicated in has made it harder not just to raise new capital but also to find talented employees who are willing to work in the financial industry.

In the recent quarter of 2, the GAP has been decreased by 0. Apart from this GAP contracted due to the weakness of both service sector including the banking sector and production sector.Building the bank of the future. The Detailed Report Within the Annual Report, these disclosures inform Act of , as amended, with respect to the Group.

For full details on Notes, Non-IFRS performance measures, and forward-looking statements Corporate and Investment Banking and Operations and Technology, and. Lloyds Banking Group PLC is a financial institution that was formed after the acquisition of HBOS in Lloyds PLC are one of the largest banks in the UK by show more content 3.

(Lloyds Banking Group, ) The new bank was setup and named TSB and Lloyds TSB was renamed Lloyds Bank on 23 September This reduced the British Government share to a % stake in Lloyds Banking Group.

Introduction Lloyds Banking Group PLC is a financial institution that was formed after the acquisition of HBOS in Lloyds PLC are one of the largest banks in the UK by assets, containing over employees in total. Our vision is to be the most trusted retailer, where people love to work and shop.

We’ll do this by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and investing in our stores, our colleagues and our channels to offer the best possible shopping experience. The Corporation will provide a copy of the most recent Annual Report on Form K (without exhibits) upon written request addressed to: Bank of America Corporation.

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