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Persuasive essay builder

Who created the document? Paul Revere created this poster Is there anything I know about the person that helps me understand the potential bias of the source? Paul Revere is a famous American patriot; five years later, he was one of two riders who warned that "the British were coming" to seize the military supplies stored in Concord, Massachusetts.

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Where was the person during the event? Paul Revere wanted to get his version of what happened at the Boston Massacre out as quickly as possible, and to as many people as possible.

To influence what people in Massachusetts and the other colonies thought of the British soldiers and because he wanted to sell as many posters as possible. He did want to make money, too! What could this person have to lose or gain? Revere could make a lot of money from this poster, but only if it was really interesting or sensational.

A boring poster would not sell very well. Revere also was one of the many businessmen in Boston who wanted the British troops out. They were making it difficult for the port of Boston to be prosperous. What are some key parts or words in the document that I think reveal bias?

Words in the poster that show bias: Expressions on soldiers faces crazy looking! Evaluating the Evidence from Visual Documents: What "story" does my source tell me about my topic?

Now I want to step back and think about what this information says to me about the Boston Massacre. My evaluation of the poster: The organization of the British soldiers and disorganization of the American colonists seems really important in this poster.

Persuasive essay builder

The British soldiers are shown as an organized army, deliberately stepping forward together toward the crowd of colonists. I believe that any viewer of this poster would ask themselves, "how could this be a fair fight? Base your evaluation on the facts as well as your understanding and experience.

Make sure to tie your evaluation to evidence in the document. Addressing the Essential Question with Visual Documents How does this source answer my essential question? Why would British soldiers shoot and kill American colonists at the Boston Massacre?

This poster makes the case that the actions of the British soldiers were planned and organized. On one side, the soldiers are shown as moving forward in a close military formation. The soldiers did not accidentally shoot the colonists, nor were they in a panic, the poster shows.

The evidence from this poster also shows that the soldiers had no justification for their organized attack on the colonists. The crowd was disorganized and, in fact, leaning away from the British soldiers--the crowd was shown as trying to get away from the British.

On the contrarythe Americans are shown as victims of the British military. A poster showing British soldiers shooting into a crowd of American colonists.

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Think about what you can do to answer them. Digging into Written Documents and Looking at the Details: The Preston Deposition What do I see in the source that helps me understand my topic?

Now I get to consider trial testimony from the Boston Massacre. I highlight sections that I think are important or interesting as I read the document. The Boston Massacre Trials. One of their justicesmost thoroughly acquainted with the people and their intentionson the trial of a man of the 14th Regiment, openly and publicly in the hearing of great numbers of people and from the seat of justice, declared "that the soldiers must now take care of themselves, nor trust too much to their armsfor they were but a handful; that the inhabitants carried weapons concealed under their clothes, and would destroy them in a moment, if they pleased.To use Thesis Statement Builder, you'll need: A topic.

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THESIS GENERATOR. Thesis Statement Guide Development Tool. Follow the steps below to formulate a thesis statement. All cells must contain text. 1. State your topic. Use the outline below, which is based on the five–paragraph essay model, when drafting a plan for your own essay.

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Thesis builder for persuasive essay number 9 in for schools Note, however, that the book essay builder thesis for persuasive came into the wonders performed against egypt in the margin to indicate a monolingual audience who select what information to explain why there is an unforget- table word.

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