Leila the live bone essay

Somalia was known to the ancient Egyptians as the Land of Punt. They valued its trees which produced the aromatic gum resins frankincense and myrrh.

Leila the live bone essay

Their ability to switch from the language of their parents to the English of their birthplace makes them the bridge between the customs of the old world and the expectations and demands of the new. Not only are these children faced with a generation gap, but they must also cope with a cultural gap.

This enormous responsibility can become an overwhelming burden. Waiting and doing things their way. Think about it, they have no idea what our lives are about. We keep on having to live in their world. I know about have to.

Leila the live bone essay

We want to do more, we want to do everything. Lei, the eldest sister in the family of three daughters, remains in San Francisco, uncomfortably but inextricably connected to the family and the community. She left no note, and although the police reported that she was on downers, there was no apparent cause for the suicide.

The novel begins with the language of gossip: And you know which one: At the beginning of the book, Lei has just returned from New York and must tell her parents that she married Mason while there.

There is no hesitation in speaking to Leon, her stepfather—he is the first person Lei wants to tell. Leon is the one who had dismissed the gossipmongers: Her mother counters in her ancient language, one that goes back to primitive grunts, to express her displeasure and provoke guilt in her daughter.

Not only does Mah have a Chinese vocabulary to draw on, but she can invoke the universal language of motherhood. Lei survives the encounter because she chooses not to retaliate against her mother by reminding her of her own failed marriages; instead, she reaches across the divide of affection by shifting the focus to Mason.

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I stepped around the boxes, opened my arms and hugged Mah. Although two gossipy women have witnessed the altercation between mother and daughter, Lei no longer cares about their tales.

When she sees them leave, knowing that they are off to pass on their news, she dismisses them from her concern: When Lei finally convinces him that he can still earn some money while collecting social security, he agrees to apply for his benefits.

Lei accompanies him to the social security office, where she and the interviewer try to sort through the morass of aliases and multiple birthdates Leon has claimed over the years. Forty years of making it up had to backfire sometime. At one point during the interview, a frustrated Leon resorts to cursing in broken English.

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Free Essay: The Tragedy of Leila in Bone How much responsibility should any child have over their family?

Leila the live bone essay

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