Industrial engineering thesis

It administers the programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a major in Aerospace Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a major in Mechanical Engineering.

Industrial engineering thesis

Furthermore, a thesis work should be conducted under the guidance of a thesis supervisor and successfully defended against a jury. The thesis subject is usually proposed by the thesis supervisor although the research interest of the candidate is also taken into consideration.

Career Prospects Graduates with an MS degree in Industrial Engineering can work in many areas in the industry including operations research, systems engineering, quality assurance, planning and control of production and inventory systems, ergonomics, computer applications, process control, transportation-logistics, service sector, and administrative duties.

Algorithms will be studied using object-oriented approach as much as possible. IENG Numerical Methods in IE and OR 3,0 3 A survey of mathematical and numerical methods used in IE and OR related studies presented in a unified structure based upon the theory of computation with special emphasis given to the development of computer codes and design of database.

IENG Occupational Safety and Health Engineering 3,0 3 This course is designed to introduce the student with the principles of safety and health hazards in industrial environment.

It provides students with fundamentals of measurement, evaluation, regulation, and control of hazardous conditions, toxic substances, physical agents, and dangerous processes in the industrial environment. Skills development in record keeping, risk assessment and accident cause analysis will also be emphasized.

This course will prepare the student for workplace safety and management.

Industrial engineering thesis

IENG Optimization Theory 3,0 3 Convex analysis; optimality conditions; generalized linear programming; revised simplex, matrix representation; integer programming; computer applications.

Extensions of linear programming: Duality and its implications. Revised Simplex, dual Simplex etc. Transportation and transshipment problems, assignment problem.

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Problems with upper bounds. Numerical stability and computational efficiency. Commonly used discrete and continuous distributions. Expectation of a random variable; jointly distributed random variables; Marginal and conditional distributions; independent random variables. Multinomial and multivariate normal distributions.

Discrete-time Markov chains, Kolmogorov-Chapman equations, classification of states, steady-state probabilities. Applications from different areas.


Development of elements of queuing theory. Bulk arrival and service systems. Applications of queuing theory in manufacturing and service systems. Network flow problems such as shortest path, minimal spanning tree and maximal flow problems. It also gives an introduction to heuristic methods as the use of Lagrange multipliers and local search.

The course aims to provide tools for students dealing with integer programming models for developing their own algorithms for their special problems. IENG Multi-Objective Decision Making 3,0 3 Formulation of the general multi-objective programming problem, classification of multi-objective programming methods; generating techniques, preference oriented methods, multiple-decision-maker methods.

Multi-objective analysis of certain problems in public sector. IENG Decision Analysis 3,0 3 Bayesian decision models; decision trees; value of information; utility theory, use of judgmental probability, study of strategies; economics of sampling; risk sharing and decisions; implementation of decision models.

IENG Investment Decision Making 3,0 3 The meaning of investment process in general and for creating systems to produce products and services in particular. Classification of investment decision problems with respect to context and the precision of informational support, i.

A general mathematical structure for modeling for investment decisions. Deterministic, stochastic, combinatorial, sequential and dynamic investment decision models, and optimization techniques used for their solutions. A mathematical basis for deriving suitable value measures for evaluating investment alternatives and derivation of such measures.

Types of risk taking as the fundamental dimension of a class of investment decision making situations. IENG Financial Engineering 3,1 3 This course is designed to enable students to understand and conceptualize basics of modern financial markets in the form of mathematical models.

Several models of risk free assets and dynamics of risky assets will be discussed. Optimal portfolio management in risky environments will be analyzed. Call and put options of securities in discrete and continuous time settings will be explained. This part includes the famous work of Black-Scholes.

IENG Production Planning and Scheduling 3,0 3 Analysis of some specific problem areas within the context of planning and scheduling of production activities.Scholar Commons > College of Engineering > Industrial and Management Systems Engineering > Theses and Dissertations.

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Industrial engineering thesis

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The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University offers two distance learning based master's programs for professionals. Centre for Healthcare Engineering celebrates 10 years of innovation.

Author Information With the consent and advice of the major professor, the student arrives at a tentative thesis topic.
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering < Case Western Reserve University Health systems engineering Thesis Topic: The development of an optimal layout design technique for rural hospitals Research Area:
For Contributors Although a baccalaureate degree in industrial engineering is advantageous in some areas of specialization, students with backgrounds in mathematics, computer science, physics, and other engineering disciplines particularly mechanical and electrical engineering have found that the graduate programs in industrial engineering offer advantageous professional opportunities.
Latest News Furthermore, a thesis work should be conducted under the guidance of a thesis supervisor and successfully defended against a jury. The thesis subject is usually proposed by the thesis supervisor although the research interest of the candidate is also taken into consideration.

October 3, — High atop the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, a group of engineering graduate students, faculty members, research scientists, and alumni gathered on October 1 to mark a decade of progress toward the goal of smarter health-care delivery.

Industrial Engineering Master Thesis Workplace specific set of energy related indicators considering recent challenges in the automotive and semiconductor industry Alejandra Peña Blume 9/16/ Master Thesis: Workplace specific set of energy related indicators 1 Abstract.

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