Example of a good research paper

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Example of a good research paper

Mapping and Redesigning a Healthcare Process Introduction Being a safe, non-invasive and highly accurate means of diagnostic radiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is considered now as an indispensible element of the diagnostic process for a myriad of pathologies.

However, the growing popularity of MRI imposes rather complex challenges for hospital administrators and healthcare practitioners.

Two major constraints on MRI units — namely scanner time and human capital — require new thinking on the means by which MRI services are organized and provided. Current literature on the performance of MRI units stresses the importance of adopting new patterns of management, reorganization of working processes and changes in the allocation of responsibilities.

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This paper analyzes and maps the current flow of service in the MRI unit at the Kuwaiti Amiri Hospital, while giving special emphasis on patient journey and the efficiency of current processes. Moreover, in order to improve patient satisfaction and organizational performance, this paper proposes a novel design for workflows in the MRI unit, which takes into account the current constraints of the system.

In terms of equipment but not human capital, as described laterthe department is equipped well enough to perform merely all types of diagnostic assignments. It has two different types of scanners one 0.

Example of a good research paper

When used optimally, this flexibility allows for more efficient scanning processes, shorter scanning time and reduction of human movement artifacts compared to more rigid settings. Today, however, the average waiting time for an MRI appointment has reached three months and continues to increase as the number of patients grows rapidly.

Moreover, patients referred to the MRI unit must endure outdates work processes and clunky bureaucratic procedures. The Amiri hospital is considered to be one of the major hospitals receiving the majority of patients who are living in Kuwait city. This huge health organization is structured and formed by multiple processes in different medical and administrative fields.

The MRI appointment is considered to be a combination of both fields. The need to change the process becomes an urgent matter to the department that must be analyzed and improved. The cooperation needed from the clinicians, IT technologist and the patient themselves was a huge challenge to the department to successfully go through the transformation phase and to insure the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for each patient.

Mapping Patient Journey at the MRI Unit Process mapping is a workflow diagram to bring forth a clearer understanding of a process or series of parallel processes.

Patient journey mapping is a highly effective patient-focused analysis, which gives planners and administrators understanding of the interaction between their facilities and customers.

It may also assess gaps in service, unforeseen delays and inefficient use of resources, thereby helping to enhance the quality of service by indicating specific flews in the provision of care NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, MRI appointments involve a long journey that starts from the day the patient sees a physician until taking the examination results.

Although it sounds easy and smooth, Figure 1 below shows that taking an MRI appointment at Amiri hospital is not simple. The major steps involved in the process of a typical patient at the Amiri MRI unit are as follows: The patient enters the radiology department with an MRI request.

Depending on the nature of the request i. The patient will go to perform the blood test, the results of which may take several days to obtain from the busy laboratory. Upon receiving the blood results, the patient goes back to Department of Radiology to submit his or her results.

This involves waiting in a long queue for several hours, where there are hundreds of patients are waiting to submit their different requests to the appointment desk.

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The receptionist will then collect patient information and prepare the request for a review by the radiologist in charge.

The patient waits for the radiologist decision. The latter can either approve the request and order a specific scan, or reject the request due to clinical reasons.

As mentioned earlier, non-acute cases would not receive MRI appointments within less than two months. The usual waiting time is 14 weeks.

The receptionist prints out an appointment form, which entails instructions as for preparations to be made prior the test e. In the day of the appointment the patient presents in the MRI unit and meets the responsible nurse to prepare him for the procedure. After completing the preparations and the scan, the patient is requested to return to the reception desk, where a paper with the date of examination is provided.Download a research paper example online, as it may greatly help you to build a proper structure; Use lively language.

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