Departmental imaging requirements essay

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Departmental imaging requirements essay

Abstract A basic diagnostic imaging quality assurance program is a regulatory requirement in many provinces Footnote 1Footnote 2 Footnote 3 Footnote 4 Footnote 5 and in federal institutions.

Footnote 10 An ineffective quality assurance program can lead to poor quality radiograms that can impair diagnosis, increase operating costs and contribute to unnecessary radiation exposure to both patients and staff. Any extension of the basic quality assurance program is the responsibility of each x-ray facility.

To achieve maximum benefit, all levels of management and technical staff must support and participate in the operation of a well-defined program.

This article outlines the essential aspects of a quality assurance program and is intended to encourage the review of a moderate size hospital's x-ray imaging quality assurance procedures.

Formerly he was with the National Dosimetry Services of Health Canada where he worked on thermoluminescent extremity dosimeters. Departmental imaging requirements essay to that he worked at the Department of National Defense in the research and development of radiation detection instruments.

Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Mr. Waight of the Radiation Protection Bureau for their review comments and recommendations.

Discussions with and comments by the authors' colleagues are also gratefully appreciated. Introduction Each year, more than 20 million diagnostic x-ray procedures are performed in Canada. Although the radiation exposure connected with these procedures cannot be avoided, there are means to reduce it as much as possible.

For the protection of patients, workers and the public for example, federal and provincial government agencies enact legislation and take necessary steps to ensure that only safe and properly installed x-ray equipment is used in Canadian diagnostic x-ray facilities, for the protection of patients, workers and the public.

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Also, in most provinces Footnote 1 Footnote 2 Footnote 3 Footnote 4 Footnote 5 and in federal institutions Footnote 10 there is a requirement that each diagnostic x-ray facility have in place a basic quality assurance QA program to control the quality of diagnostic images.

Any extension of the basic program is determined by the radiology department's management and QA committee. A successful QA program requires that all staff within the radiology department understand the goals set out in the program and take an active part in achieving its objectives.

Any program lacking genuine interest from its staff and initiated only to satisfy a regulatory requirement is unlikely to produce optimal results. Meticulous care is required in the quality control of diagnostic imaging equipment to ensure good quality radiograms. This article is divided into two parts.

Departmental imaging requirements essay

Part I discusses the essential aspects of a QA program recommended for implementation in a moderate-sized hospital's x-ray facilities. Part II contains detailed worksheets designed to help radiology personnel charged with reviewing their current diagnostic x-ray imaging QA procedures.

Definition It is necessary to define, at least briefly for the purposes of this article, the general concepts of quality assurance and quality control and to review the principal objective of a radiology quality assurance program.

Quality assurance QA is a program used by management to maintain optimal diagnostic image quality with minimum hazard and distress to patients. The program includes periodic quality control tests, preventive maintenance procedures, administrative methods and training.

Departmental imaging requirements essay

It also includes continuous assessment of the efficacy of the imaging service and the means to initiate corrective action. The primary goal of a radiology quality assurance program is to ensure the consistent provision of prompt and accurate diagnosis of patients.

This goal will be adequately met by a QA program having the following three secondary objectives: Quality control QC consists of a series of standardized tests developed to detect changes in x-ray equipment function from its original level of performance.

The objective of such tests, when carried out routinely, allows prompt corrective action to maintain x-ray image quality. It is important to note that the ultimate responsibility for quality control rests with the physician in charge of the x-ray facility, not with the regulatory agency.

It will provide the structure required to plan and evaluate the program and to resolve quality assurance issues and problems. A QAC will also provide management with recommendations for direction to those charged with the various aspects of the program.

The QAC should have an overall documented strategy with clearly defined work plans to achieve the goals and objectives of the radiology department.

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The committee should include representatives from all levels of the radiology staff, meet at regular intervals and report directly to the department's management. It should recommend program policies to management and outline program specifics such as the duties and responsibilities of the staff.

In addition, it should formulate the standards for image quality and regularly review the effectiveness of the program. A formal QAC will promote the importance of and encourage participation in the department's QA program.

The QA program should include a written plan of action outlining policies and procedures. It should clearly define the goals and objectives of the department. The QA program should cover both QC testing techniques and administrative procedures.

The latter are to verify that QC testing is effective, i.

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They include recommendations regarding the responsibility for quality assurance action, staff training, equipment standards, and the selection of the appropriate equipment for each examination.Advanced Training As a part of clinical education plan, students are assigned to the advanced imaging modalities available in the Imaging Department at Harris Health.

However, in order to pursue advanced certification, students are encouraged to apply for admission to the advanced certification programs in sonography or computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging after graduation. Advanced Training As a part of clinical education plan, students are assigned to the advanced imaging modalities available in the Imaging Department at Harris Health.

However, in order to pursue advanced certification, students are encouraged to apply for admission to the advanced certification programs in sonography or computed .

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