Authentic leader journey report

Authentic Leadership The term leadership, by its very nature, is laden with meaning often derived from the interpreter's varied life history. For some, this represents an internalized identity, shared processes, or civic engagement grounded in experiences as social activists, with developmental mentors, or from positive group experiences. For others, the term may elicit a more negative interpretation associated with abuses of power, positionality, or an impersonal focus on end goals.

Authentic leader journey report

Our society longs for leaders who are genuine, honest, and good. Winfrey has been open and forthcoming about her humble beginnings, her life struggles, and her failures. We all have setbacks. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier.

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At the age of two and a half, Winfrey learned to read with the strict support and supervision of her grandmother. Upon entering Kindergarten, Winfrey informed the teacher, in a written letter, that she should skip to first grade; by the end of the year, she was moved to third grade.

After a few years, Winfrey was sent to live with her mother in an extremely poor and dangerous Milwaukee ghetto. Again, she moved at the age of twelve to live with her father.

It was during this time that Oprah began speaking in front of crowds, giving speeches, and even earned five hundred dollars for one speech. It was with her father that Oprah felt safe and secure, but that was not long- lived, and she was sent back to live with her mother.

With little supervision by her mother, who often worked odd jobs to make a living, Oprah was sexually abused over the course of 8 years by men who were friends of the family. Oprah began to rebel and often got into trouble at the age of fourteen, and so she went back to live with her father.

As a requirement, Oprah was instructed to write a book report each week and had to learn five vocabulary words each day, or she was not allowed dinner.

Winfrey began to do well in school, went on to involve herself in the Drama club, school council, and participate in events that allowed her to showcase her ability to hold the attention of an audience.

She won a scholarship to attend Tennessee State through a speaking contest. During the early years of the Oprah Winfrey Show, she made the decision to focus her attention on important issues, rather than the tabloid drama that appeared on other shows. Oprah presented herself as authentic to her fan base, which increased dramatically over time.

This is best shown through Oprah's own words, "I always understood there really was no difference between me and the audience, at times, I have had better shoes. But at the core — at the core of what really matters — we were the same.

Authentic leader journey report

I mean, the secret of that show for 25 years is that people could see themselves in me. Audiences flocked to her word on everything from baking sheets, to pillows, to chocolate and beyond. Whatever Oprah liked, meant it was the best. Winfrey formed her own production company, Harpo Productions, in and became the first woman to own and produce her own show.

Oprah Winfrey is most interested in concentrating on those topics that can actually help people improve their lives--shows on battered women and alcoholism, for example, or on building relationships with family members.

This will both increase the power of the show and make people feel better about their lives.

Authentic leader journey report

With all of her fame an notoriety, Oprah became one of the most philanthropic entertainers, donating significant amounts of money to various causes, and even opened a school for girls in Africa.

Oprah Winfrey as an Authentic Leader Practical Approach George's approach to authentic leadership ties five dimensions to authentic leaders. Each of these dimensions tied to a characteristic and are used to define the leader as authentic.

Because of her own struggles with her weight over the years, Oprah has always tried to empower women and teach them to feel good about who they are. Having come from a poverty- stricken background, but a supportive family, Oprah saw from an early age the importance of an education.

Oprah has always remained true to the values of herself and where she came from. Oprah has always been a champion of the African American community by taking on projects, such as television and film, which often shows the struggle of African Americans throughout United States history.

And that's how I operate my life. Oprah has been a leader among many in the entertainment industry to share her life and story for the better.

Using her own struggles and achievements has given hope to many women over the years. It was not unusual for Oprah to invite those on her show that also had personal stories of struggle, as their stories may also help her viewers.

In her own words Oprah summarizes best her ability to create relationships- "The struggle of my life created empathy - I could relate to pain, being abandoned, having people not love me. From her childhood, Oprah saw how hard work, a good education and determination could help her to achieve her goals.

Oprah was not satisfied when she received a scholarship to college, or landed spots on local networks, she kept working hard and broke down many barriers to achieve her level of success.

Oprah supports 27 causes including:Authentic leadership is positively related to engagement, as authentic leaders strengthen the feelings of self-efficacy, competence and confidence of their followers,, as well as the identification with the leader and the organization, which results in higher levels of engagement (Avolio & .

SEE, Inc. provides online leadership development, online professional training, and online ICC CEU credits. See what courses are currently available to you. Authentic Leadership Guide: Definitions, Qualities, Pros & Cons, Examples just like authentic leadership, is an on-going journey. instead of telling someone they have been lazy in getting the report done, authentic leader would share tips on how the report can be finished quicker and point out to the negative impact of not achieving.

Leadership: Individual Authentic Journey Report The modern world puts forward a lot of challenges to an ordinary person. In order to be successful in every aspect . AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Literature Review: Authentic Leadership This body of theory contributed to the creation of a heroic leader archetype further linking leadership to the individual and to the extraordinary (Bruce & Gardner, ).

Authentic Journey Report Three theoretical areas appear particularly salient. Authentic Leader Journey Report Journey Leader Report Work Book 01 1. 1 My Personal Experience My Personal Experience Mid-term examination at APIIT My fellow colleagues were facing difficulties with studying particular chapters that I was good at.

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