An analysis of the ways to create suspense in a book by john lutz

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An analysis of the ways to create suspense in a book by john lutz

After work, it was a three-block walk and a long concrete stairwell descent to a downtown subway platform. In the crowded subway, someone would probably step on her toes. Her job was secure, and there was still a chance she could land a spot in an off-Broadway chorus line.

It was what had brought her to New York City from the small town her folks had moved to in New Jersey.

An analysis of the ways to create suspense in a book by john lutz

Not till you grow some hair on your head, Millie thought- rather cruelly, she realized with some regret, as she shouldered open the door to the vestibule. She saw no one on the way up in the elevator or in the hall. Pausing to dig her keys out of her purse, she realized again how weary she was.

Just smiling for seven hours was enough to wear a person down.

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After keying the locks, she turned the tarnished brass doorknob and entered. The foam container of chicken wings and brown rice dropped to the carpet and made a mess. She thought at first he was simply shirtless, but in a startled instant realized he was completely nude.

She could smell his sweaty male scent. Feel his body heat. She was looking up at him at an angle that made her think he was about six feet tall. That frightened the already-stunned Millie to the point where her throat constricted.

She could hardly breathe. She was aware of his right hand moving quickly on the lower periphery of her vision.

Saw an instantaneous glint of silver. Something peculiar about it. He was thrilled by the confusion in her eyes. The blade would feel cold at first, before pain overwhelmed all other feeling. He was standing now supporting her, a length of her intestines draped in his left hand like a warm snake.

He thought that was amazing. Her eyes bulged with wonder. He felt the throb of his erection. But he had a pretty good idea why. Renz was standing back, well away from the mess in the tiny living room. The air was fetid with the coppery stench of blood. The commissioner had put on even more weight in the year since Quinn had seen him.

His conservative blue suit was stretched at the seams, rendering its expensive tailoring meaningless. His pink jowls ballooned over the collar of his white silk shirt. More and more, his appearance reflected exactly what he was, a corpulent and corrupt politician with the fleshy facial features of a bloodhound.

He looked like a creature of rapacious appetite, and he was one. Quinn knew it had taken a long time to end. Small circular burns indicated a cigarette had been touched to her flesh. Shreds of flesh dangled from her corpse in a way that suggested it had been violated with a blade and then peeled from body and bone with a pair of pliers.

Quinn figured the butchery for an amateur job, not done by anyone with special medical knowledge. He must have done this while she was still alive.Another Fantastic novel from John Lutz.

I love al of his books. There is a serial killer that is torturing women and carving the in initials DOA in their foreheads. He leaves no fingerprints, no DNA, and no trace. He is roaming New York and even has his eyes on people working for ex-cop Frank Quinn. The book moves at a fantastic pace and I loved it/5(58).

Jun 28,  · "Memento" is a movie largely about memory -- the ways in which it defines identity, how it's necessary to determine moral behavior and yet how terribly unreliable it is, despite its crucial role. Literacy Analysis of the Techniques in Creating Mood and Building Suspense; Literacy Analysis of the Techniques in Creating Mood and Building Suspense and suspense in a way that cannot be.

Download Experiencing Psychosis: Personal and Professional Perspectives (The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis Book Series) Pdf (By Jim Geekie, Patte Randal, Debra Lampshire, John Read).

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