A review of the movie gran torino directed by clint eastwood

Managing to maintain those legendary statuses hand in hand is a crowning achievement, even if his versatile and prolific work over the last six decades has yielded as many duds as classics. With his maybe jingoistic or is it? Here are the 10 best films directed by Clint Eastwood. Sergio Leone and Don Siegel.

A review of the movie gran torino directed by clint eastwood

Walt Kowalski Walter "Walt" Kowalski portrayed by Clint Eastwood is a Polish-American former auto worker who becomes embroiled in a conflict involving a Hmong family and a gang.

Walt Kowalski had served in the Korean War and had killed a Korean boy who had been trying to surrender to him. Walt Kowalski has bitter memories of the conflict.

He is a retiree who formerly worked at a Ford automobile plant for much of his life, and he owns a Gran Torino he had personally built. He also owns an M1 Garand rifle. Walt's wife, Dorothy Kowalski, is dead by the beginning of the film.

Walt often calls Thao "Toad. Thao is soon coerced into joining the Hmong gang by his gangster cousins. After Thao clumsily attempts to steal Walt's car as part of his forced gang initiation, he returns home instead of fleeing with the gang. After confessing the attempted crime to his family, Thao's mother and sister bring him to Walt to apologize and make amends to the community as Walt's servant.

Walt also sees Thao helping an elderly neighbor with her groceries after she is ignored by several Asian kids that pass by.

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Through Walt, he learns how to do construction work and labor, and how to act like a man, even getting help in his romantic pursuit of Youa. Initially perceived as a coward by Walt, their growing relationship gradually changes the older man's impression of Thao, with Walt ultimately entrusting the Ford Gran Torino to Thao.

A review of the movie gran torino directed by clint eastwood

Hmong Cultural Warriors Performing Genders", said that when Walt masculinizes Thao, he "liberat[es] him from the effeminacy apparently imposed on him by his domineering mother and sister and implicitly his race.

We are both loners but I think I am more outgoing. Also I was annoyed at the comparing of Asian men to a white standard of beauty. I mean [chuckles] who is to say we're not even better than Johnny's looks?

But as a Hmong person, I also tried to do justice to my own life and to that of others like me. Volume 1, referred to as "emasculated.

So even when he had to obey, he did it with more attitude. She is the first of Walt Kowalski 's Hmong neighbors to befriend him after he rescues her.

She has a streetwise, witty personality and a strong, independent spirit; she easily gets along with Walt despite his grumpiness. She teaches Walt about the Hmong people's history and struggles in American culture, and the two of them realize that they share something in common of being "betrayed"; Walt by his own family and the Hmong people by the United States despite fighting alongside them in the Vietnam War.

She is positioned similarly to ethnic damsels in distress in classic Westerns, comparable to the role of the Native American princess who needs rescuing by the sheriff.Other people besides me have commented that the character played by Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino” could easily be seen as a retired Dirty Harry, the character created on screen by Mr.

MOVIE REVIEW – Gran Torino

Eastwood back in for the film “Dirty Harry.”. Dec 12,  · Clint Eastwood portrays a retired, bigoted Detroit autoworker in "Gran Torino." Credit Warner Bros.

Pictures. Twice in the last decade, just as the holiday movie .

MOVIE REVIEW – Gran Torino

Still potent Bee Vang and Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino The Ford Gran Torino earned its footnote in pop culture history when a ketchup-red 75 model with a white racing stripe was featured.

Gran Torino is a American drama film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood, who also starred in the film. The film co-stars Christopher Carley, Bee Vang and Ahney Her.

This was Eastwood's first starring role since 's Million Dollar Baby. Feb 20,  · If its trailer promises a vigilante movie, the comedy-drama on release is actually a rather wise, insightful exploration of family and friendship, violence and vengeance. Clint Eastwood a 4/5. Gran Torino might not be quite the typically sublime Clint Eastwood directed and acted screenplay most have come to expect, but this only seems to serve the goal of putting humanity unflinchingly on display, flaws and all.

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